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Nutritional Food:

Easy options to keep you on track and eating right. With to-go options like shakes, bars, and healthy snacks.

MIC is a special combination of vitamins and elements which help to boost energy ( vit. B12), curb appetite (chromium), and speed up the removal of fat from the body. Vitamin B6 is used for hormone balance in women, blood pressure control, and the reduction of food cravings.
Prescription Appetite Suppressants:

We use different FDA approved medications to make sure you’re losing weight safely and quickly.
Dietary Supplements:

Our vendors use quality control checks from outside laboratories, to make sure what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle.
Medical Evaluation:

During your visits we review your medical and weight history, complete a body composition analysis, order a comprehensive blood panel, and monitor blood pressure.

Daily accountability and structure help keep you on track to meet your goals. Your journal is a powerful tool that lets us help you make the changes you need to keep off the weight.

If you aren’t ready to move you aren’t ready to lose! Exercise is encouraged to make sure the weight you lose is fat, keeping you happy and energized.

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Save 5% when you pay upfront!     Easy per month payment options available!     Monthly cost decreases once enrollment is completed!

At Renew Weight Loss we have a commitment to affordable service and quality healthcare; That’s why we sell our MIC shots for $6 instead of their retail value of $20 saving you $112 a month!

Renew is focused on helping you succeed, because happy people tell happy stories.

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Awareness of Health and Nutrition Like Never Before

I have been extremely satisfied with the program at Renew Clinic. It has not only changed my life, but that of my family’s as well. We now have an awareness of health and nutrition like never before – and we’re acting on it.

I grew a garden for the first time in decades this past summer, providing us with a bounty of fresh vegetables. Our meals are prepared with fresh and local foods and we no longer eat at fast food restaurants.

We spend time outdoors riding bikes, going on hikes, or simply playing in the backyard. I will never be able to truly express my gratefulness to the staff at Renew Clinic for the health and wellness I am enjoying.

Don S.

Never to late!

As a senior citizen, let me tell you it is never to late to lose those extra pounds and get into the shape that you have always wanted to be. Even though I was 73, I decided it was time to do something about losing weight when blood sugar started going up.

Ethel Before the ProgramEthel FinalEthel In Progress

With Jo Anne’s help and the Renew Clinic program, I have a level of energy that I have not had for years, my blood sugar is normal, and I can wear the clothing I’ve had tucked away in my closet for over thirty years. All of these results, and it really was not that difficult!

The Renew program gives you the tools that you need to be successful with out stress and strain. I think the Lord for leading me to Jo Anne and the Renew Clinic!

Ethel U.

My only regret is that I waited so long to begin

JoanneI was heavy all of my childhood and throughout my teen years. I became healthy and started exercising during my freshman year in college and lost 40 lbs. I stayed slim until I had my third child after which I never lost the last 20 lbs. A fourth child came and I never lost any of the baby weight and put on even more weight throughout the years.

I was pretty happy and content with the gradual weight gain and didn’t mind getting heavier. But, after my 40th birthday my body started to change and didn’t tolerate the extra weight. I started to diet with no results, even though I was exercising for an hour and a half, 5-6 days a week.

In 2007 I started on the diet plan which is used at Renew Clinic and Spa and lost my extra 40 lbs for the last time! I have been on maintenance now for over two years and feel great! I always ate healthfully and exercised, so it was a mystery to me why I could not lose the weight and belly fat. For the first time in my life, I know why I gained and what I now have to do to keep the weight off. For me, this program has allowed me to regain control of my weight. My only regret is that I waited so long to begin.

JoAnne Engel Kort, NP, CNM

Not Insulin Resistant Anymore

David StatsI wanted to write in and give my impression of the program. I started with about 30 lbs to loose and was able to lose it in about 11 weeks. This worked for me exactly like it was told to me it would. It is refreshing to find such an honest and straightforward program that works!

I have since become a lot more healthy, my stats have changed (shown on the right).

I am not insulin resistant anymore and I don’t have headaches anymore. These are very nice people to work with and I am thankful for the program and the staff at Renew Clinic.


Seeing is Believing

MichelleHello, my name is Michelle. I’m a 34 year old mother of two and I’m a wife to a wonderful man. I was a very young mother at the age of 14 and that is when my weight started to add on. By the time I was 25 or 26 I was pushing 220 lbs. at 5’8. By the time I was 32 I started to have a recurring dream that I was a very large orangutan sitting in the middle of a large couch and I filled the whole couch. Then in April of 2008 I went in for a hysterectomy and my final weight there at the hospital was 320 lbs. I was disgusted at myself. That is when I really started to realize I was overweight and wanting to do something about it.

Don’t get me wrong I have tried all different diets all through the years from Slimfast to the info commercials products to cutting back on food intake. I have tried everything but always hungry, starving and a starving woman is not pleasant to be around trust me.

I started to look into the gastric by-pass surgery and with no health insurance and a very tight budget and the recovery time it was way too long. I had to be at work and could not miss a lot of work.

So I was sitting at work and noticed a commercial in our lobby on the plasma TVs about MEDI weight loss clinic which has now changed their name to Renew spa and clinic. This commercial played over and over so I wrote down the phone number. I thought to myself it was another commercial that does not work. I still called and wanted more info on the program. I made an appointment for a free consultation with renew. I liked what the program offered but like I said before I was on a tight budget and no health insurance. They said that there was a credit plan that I could apply for. I didn’t think I could get the credit. I went ahead and applied for the credit and a few days later found out I got the credit and the payment plan was just right for my budget.

I made my first appointment and seen my weight once again at 320 lbs. I was shocked and disgusted with myself that I got that big. I got my first initial blood work and my injections and my first month’s worth of vitamins and food journal and instructions of what I can eat and how much. I have had my doubts that could not stick to the plan thinking I was going to be a grumpy starving woman that no one wanted to be around. But I said to myself I have to try and try hard. Don’t get me wrong the first week was really hard.

I went to my first weekly check up. I was so ecstatic when I seen the scale in only one week I lost 15 lbs. I was hooked and revved up and ready to go. Each week I lost between 4-7 lbs. Each day I was feeling great my confidence in myself was high and energy more than ever. I can keep up with my kids and I’m excited to get up every morning and get my day going.
I started Renew July 1st 2008 and on November 20th 2008 I have lost 102 lbs weighing in at 217 lbs. I have about 60 to 65 more lbs to go. When I have reached my goal weight I know I can continue my plan and be satisfied and not be hungry.

I have a new lease on life and enjoy it every day. I have my pictures on my fridge from day one to the present and it motivates me every day.

I thank the team at Renew clinic for all their support and they are so family-like they are awesome. Thank you.

I believe Renew clinic has saved my life. I also want to say I have had no craving or hunger pains ever on the plan. I also want to thank my family for their support. Go ahead and take a chance and do the program and you will be pleased that you took the chance. IT WORKS.


Can't Put a Pricetag on it!

Dear Dr. Kort and JoAnne,

MarjorieI want you to know that I would recommend Renew to anyone who has decided it is time to lose weight and time to be healthy for good. In January of 2008 I had just got engaged and I was heavier than was healthy for my body. I knew I wanted to look good for my wedding photos but more importantly that I wanted to feel good for life. I had tried everything from Alli to Atkins, Southbeach and Weightwatchers, Zalestrim and plain old calorie counting. They worked… sort-of. A few pounds came off and then a few more came back on and I soon found that I had gained a steady 10 pounds a year for the last four years. The thought of dieting for an eternity to lose that weight seemed impossible and too long to wait to see results.

That’s when I found Renew and the Medi program; of course I was a little skeptical at first. After all, so many pills and products and programs make similar claims but for me it was about not giving up- if there was something available that could help me get my life and my weight under control it was worth it to me, I owed it to myself to give it a shot. I wasn’t sure how this was going to be different but I hoped it would be.

When I began, Dr. Kort, tested me and we found out my cholesterol was high- can you believe at 28 I had high cholesterol?! That discovery was the first wake-up call to me that 1) this was something really serious that I needed to learn how to manage and 2) that Dr. Kort, JoAnne and the Renew staff were much more than a `weightloss program’ or an easy fix pill, they were professionals that had my health, safety and success deeply rooted in their practice.

With the combination of accountability, supplements and a program that actually worked I found it easier than expected to see weight (mostly all fat) come off consistently for the first time in my life! This gave me the courage to continue and also to incorporate exercise more steadily into my routine- I didn’t have the energy physically or emotionally before.
It was much easier than expected to resist the temptations that got me here (maybe because of the supplements, maybe because I was learning control). I wasn’t hungry or feeling like I was missing out. I had daily goals and weekly goals which turned into monthly goals and because of the people, the program and the supplements I was hitting them in stride. Occasionally there were setbacks but I was learning how to manage them instead of letting one bad day take me off course.

Now I can proudly say that almost 1 year later I have kept all of the weight that I have lost off and I will never go there again. I know now how to work with my body instead of feeling like I was always fighting against it.

Dr. Kort and JoAnne give you the tools, support, products, ideas, consistency and accountability that lead to success. A success that I might add has come more quickly than anything I had ever tried before and has stayed with me more realistically than anything I have ever tried.

If you are considering this and it sounds a little dramatic at first, it is because it takes a dramatic shift to get dramatic results- and you will get dramatic results. If you are worried about what your friends, your spouse or your family will say, just give it 4 weeks and wait until they are all asking you for your secret and complimenting you frequently on how you look! The same people that wanted to criticize me for doing something different to take my own health into my control were the same people visiting Dr. Kort and JoAnne a month later once they saw the results in me!

This program works and it works quickly enough so that you see results and get the courage to keep going. What started for me with the vanity of that picture has turned into something so much more important than anything- it has turned into a feeling of pride and accomplishment and even more, the feeling of knowing I am healthy for good. That’s the feeling that will keep me going for the rest of my life, and feeling that I wish for everyone, a feeling that I now have because of Dr. Kort, JoAnne and the great people at Renew! You can’t put a price tag on that!


Back to Showing horses... and winning!

JenniferMy name is Jennifer Roberts. My story is not special, but one like many others. Thin and active through my 20’s and then the weight started to add on. Three children later, I just never seemed to be able to get it off. My health was poor, one back surgery and looking for a second, sore feet, high cholesterol, borderline diabetic, etc. etc.. I was always tired and frustrated and trying different diets that I continually failed at. My self-esteem was poor.

My doctors all said, if I could just lose the weight a lot of my symptoms would probably go away. I had horses I wanted to show, but was honestly too embarrassed to go into the ring weighing what I did. But, the thought of losing weight seemed to be an obstacle that was too big to overcome. I dreaded when my clothes would wear out because that meant going into the “large” “plus” department and facing just how much weight I had gained. And trust me, those mirrors are not flattering in any way! I began to feel that there was nothing I could control in my life. But yet, I knew if I could only muster up the will power, I could do it.

Last year I saw an ad for the Medi Weight Loss clinic. I cut it out and carried it around for several weeks before finally calling. That appointment changed my life. Week by week, I met with the Medi Weight loss staff and stuck to their program and watched the weight begin to come off. It was so exciting to see something work. The staff encouraged me and kept me on track and gave me the confidence I needed. I’ve lost over 75 pounds now and have the energy I had when I was in my 20’s. Honest. My back pain is minimal, no more foot pain and my blood work is completely normal. I now am showing my horses and winning to boot! I have a new found confidence and knowledge of how to eat and keep the weight off.

Don’t keep making excuses. Call them today. If I could do it, you can too. I still have 25 more pounds I would like to lose, so call the Medi weight loss clinic and lose that weight with me. See you there.


Shopping in the Petite Department Again!

ToriI had seen ads in the newspaper for a new weight loss clinic in my neighborhood called Medi-Weight Loss Clinic. I researched them, and some others I had heard about, on-line to find out as much information as possible before deciding to talk Medi.

I hated the way I looked, and because my height and basic body structure require me to wear petite sizes, I couldn’t find clothes to fit anymore. I jokingly (while inwardly wincing) commented to family, that “they just don’t make clothes in size petite tent!” When friends wanted to go shopping, I made excuses for not going with them because I didn’t want to humiliate myself when even the largest sizes would fit me. I hated shopping! When I had to go to a plus size women’s store to find a bra that would fit, I knew I had to do something.

When I first visited Medi-Weight Loss Clinic I was very discouraged with myself for letting my weight get so drastically out of control, and very skeptical that their program would actually work for me. I hadn’t stepped on a scale in a long time because I didn’t want to know just how much weight I had gained. Although I was generally healthy, I knew that eventually my weight was going to have negative effects on my health. Medi-Weight Loss Clinic was my last-ditch effort before trying to refinance my home in order to afford gastric bypass surgery.

I was skeptical about the program having lost weight on other programs before, but always regaining the weight, plus more, after every attempt. I admit I was a bit cavalier at that first Medi appointment because I wasn’t sure if the program would work and I was afraid to commit and then fail. When I stepped on the scale that first day at Medi, my 51-year old, 5’1” frame weight in at 204 lbs! The first week on the program was difficult, but when I saw at my next appointment that I had lost 9 lbs in just one week, I was cautiously optimistic. When the weight continued to come off every week, it motivated me to continue. After a few weeks I began exercising, knowing that for me, exercise is key to keeping the weight off.

Everyone at Medi-Weight Loss Clinic in West Salem was so genuinely kind and supportive that it never felt like punishment to go in for the weekly visits. As the weight came off every week, my confidence grew. When I reached my goal after 7 months, I had lost 80 lbs, and felt like a new person. I don’t feel invisible anymore! I continue to exercise and visit the clinic regularly to keep myself on track. It will be a year since my first visit at Medi-Weight Loss Clinic on December 1st and I have been successful in my efforts to keep the weight off.

I’m now able to buy clothing in the petite departments at regular stores again. I now even enjoy shopping. And that’s a good thing, because I had to buy an entire new wardrobe since everything I owned was too big. Even some of my shoes had become too big

Petite Again


Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off? Have you tried to lose weight and been unsuccessful?

At Renew Weight Loss in Salem, Oregon, we provide a physician-supervised weight loss program tailored to your individual needs. The program is administered in two phases; weight loss and maintenance.

The benefit of seeing medical professionals to assist you in losing weight is that they see people with real health problems like diabetes, heart disease, MS, depression, high blood pressure and manage their weight loss because they are trained medical professionals.

At Renew Weight Loss, we help you lose weight no matter what your goal. Whether your goal is to lose 20 or 60 pounds your weight management is our priority, and we can help you maintain it for life.

What can I expect?

The weight loss phase is designed to take the weight off quickly. To assist you within this phase, the practitioner utilizes prescription or non-prescription appetite suppressants, supplements and weekly injections.no matter what your goal. Whether your goal is to lose 20 or 60 pounds your weight management is our priority, and we can help you maintain it for life.

Your First Visit

Your first visit will include a complete body composition analysis to determine your specific needs. This visit takes a little over one hour and is very comprehensive. During the visit the practitioner will review your medical and weight history, complete a body fat analysis, order or perform a comprehensive blood panel, educate you on the diet, and provide nutritional and exercise counseling. Also included in the price of your visit, you will receive your dietary supplements, injections, vitamins, and starter-kit supplies. We provide you with all you need to get started!

What’s Next?

During the weight loss phase you will have weekly visits which include the body composition analysis, blood pressure, body measurements, injections, supplements, medication, prescription, and exercise and nutritional counseling. You will remain in this phase until you reach your goal weight. Our goal is to help you to lose weight quickly and then keep it off for life!

You’ve Made it!

The maintenance phase concentrates on nutrition, increasing your activity level and raising your caloric intake level while maintaining your desired weight. You wean off all of the medication during this phase, but you can use the dietary supplements and injections to help you succeed. Additional nutritional and exercise guidance is provided.

Our highly qualified staff will assist you in each phase to reach your goal and maintain it for life!

Does insurance pay for the weight loss program?

Not many insurance programs include weight management services. Also we do not directly bill insurance, but are able to provide information necessary for reimbursement.

Another way to pay is by using Medical, Flexible or Health saving accounts. If you have these options, the cost of doing the program is able to be paid for.

I am on a variety of medications; can I still participate in the program?

We have found that a number of medications do not negatively interact with the diet, medications, injections, or supplements we use in our medically assisted weight loss program. Please come to your first visit with a detailed list of all of the over the counter and prescription medications that you take on a daily basis.

What is in the injections?

We give 2 injections; The MIC is a special combination of vitamins and elements which help to boost energy ( vit. B12), curb appetite (chromium), and speed up the removal of fat from the body. Our B6 is used for hormone balance in women, blood pressure control, and the reduction of food cravings.

Will I be hungry?

The appetite suppressants, dietary supplements, and injections all work together to reduce your hunger even while trimming off the pounds, boost your energy, burn fat faster, and eliminate your cravings.

How much can I expect to lose?

Typical results are 3-6 pounds in the first week, and then 2-5 pounds each week after that. You can lose up to 20 pounds in the first month.

Do I need to eat prepackaged meals or drinks?

You eat real food you buy from the store yourself, from the first day through the program. Some of the things which we teach you from the first day, are food choices, preparation, and portion control. By the time you reach the end the maintenance phase, you will have the tools to maintain your goal weight for the rest of your life!

Anyone can plan for this

Payment and Insurance Billing Options
We congratulate you for recognizing, as we do, that weight management is a central and important medical issue. Some of our patients have had their program covered by a health insurance plan. If your weight puts you at a high risk for certain health conditions, it is possible that your insurance will cover our program.

We also offer affordable, straightforward pricing for our self-pay patients, resulting in a significant discount for complete payment at the time of service.

Medical Spending Accounts
Employees with medical spending accounts (MSA), set up through their employers, are able to request reimbursement for medical services from their tax-advantaged medical spending accounts. MSAs are an easy and effective way to meaningfully reduce your healthcare costs — allowing you to receive Renew’s low cost services using pre-tax dollars instead of after-tax dollars (resulting in up to a 45% discount). Benny and other health spending account cards are accepted at Renew.